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10 Must-Try Restaurants in Bali

Go on a gastronomic journey in tropical paradise

Whether you have seen, heard or been to Bali, you’d know what the island is famous for: the amazing tropical vibe it offers, the lush tropics, the warm and sunny weather, the beachside frolics, and the availability of places to go for food, leisure and adventure.

No wonder everyone just keeps coming back. There’s just so many things on the plate! (pun intended) Indeed, Bali has become a destination for anything and everything that tickles your fancy, especially for those who are looking for a gastronomic experience all found on one amazing island.

Over the recent years, concept restaurateurs and world-renowned chefs have come to Bali to set up shop and offer culinary delights to travelers worldwide. We know, we know, there’s just so many to choose from!

To help with your plight, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 restaurants in different parts of must-try restaurants in Bali based on the food, the decor and the overall experience. Read on and make your palatable plans in the Island of the Gods!


Known for its Asia fusion dishes, low-key lounge vibe, and cocktails to match, Mamasan is an experience as soon as you enter its doors. Step into colonial Britain in oriental Shanghai back in the 1920’s and you’ll find this golden gem created by the restaurateur Will Meyrick.

Boy n Cow

From the orient to good old fashioned meats, it’s time to get your protein as Boy N Cow offers dry-aged beef, quality meat, and tasty cocktails. Boy ‘ N ‘ Cow is dubbed as the first meat boutique in Bali, known as a premier steakhouse and cocktail lounge along the bustling Seminyak strip, with best dry-aged steaks & quality cocktails.

Si Jin

Talking about steaks and meats, there’s another steak spot not too far from the one mentioned above. With a tagline “modern steakhouse with a Korean flair,” Si Jin offers tender and tasty meats cooked in infused butter of different flavors.

With specialized knives, a special dry-ageing storage unit, an open kitchen and warm and cozy interiors, it’s the perfect spot for a date night.

La Plancha

Let’s head over to the Double Six Seminyak Beach where sunset vibes and good food collide. If you are looking to enjoy the sunset with your buddies, find the colourful umbrellas and beanbags, the multi-tainted wooden interiors, the rustic beach shack along the shore, and you are in La Plancha


Walk along just a little bit further down the beach and you will find Mano Beach House, another beachside dining spot for good food and drinks to your heart’s content. It invites you to experience a relaxed life, where slow living and creativity are celebrated. Take a dip in the pool or a quick swim on the beach, then rest under the shady canopy in Mano. They’ve got an array of western dishes with local ingredients, waiting to get in your belly.

The Forge

Another one in the Seminyak strip is The Forge Gastropub, serving up some of the best rustic pub-style comfort foods, imported craft beers & handcrafted premium cocktails, from sunup to the wee hours of the night.

Find a cozy pub tucked along the bust Petitenget Road, where family, friends and beer lovers come down to hangout to have delicious craft beers and generous portions of pub food: from a Double Patty Cheeseburger to a delectable Sunday Roast


Moving up to the scenic views and lush green fields of Ubud, a must-try around the area is Locavore. Owned and operated by a group of highly skilled local food producers and international chefs, this is not your regular restaurant. In fact, most of their food items are based on the daily produce from local farms, and so, one is prepared for some surprises.

Guests can anticipate an unforgettable culinary adventure as classically trained chefs Ray and Eelke, the passionate and dedicated kitchen team create unique, contemporary European fare from the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients, it promises a fine-dining experience like no other.


Sayuri Healing Food

If you’ve been to Bali before, you would know that Ubud is the center for health and wellness. And rightly so, with an array of vegan restaurants opening up in the area. One of which is Sayuri Healing Food Cafe, a quaint spot in Ubud that serves raw food dishes that are tasty and hearty–dishes that will make you forget it’s raw and vegan.

It’s one of the best spot to find delicious plant-based, mostly raw-living food, and arguably the best raw desserts in town!


Genius Cafe

In our efforts to diversify our list, we’ve included this Sanur spot, just in case you find yourself in the area. Needless to say, being in Bali means spending time on the beach, and Genius Cafe makes beachside dining a total paradise.

Enjoy a relaxing sea view while having your fresh smoothie bowl or healthy snack, and relish the life that Bali lifestyle offers.


Babi Guling

We’ve given you a list of restaurants based on overall dining experience. And while

some enjoy comfort and style, we’d like to save the best for last of what Bali has to offer. This last bit is off-the-beaten track from the other restaurants listed here.

In fact, Babi Guling is a traditional dish served up in many eateries or “warungs” found all over the island. Although Babi Guling are served in fancy Indonesian-inspired restaurants, this dish is commonly found along the streets, on a glass covered display, complete with pork head, skin and the tender-juicy meat.

Find different Babi Guling Warungs on the island. Some we suggest are Babi Guling Sanur, Babi Guling Sari Kembar, and Babi Guling Candra. But you are forewarned: you’ll find a mix of veggies, pork intestines, pork broth, pork skewers, pork skin and just different types of pork dishes served on top of hot steaming rice and brown paper plates which makes this a culinary experience that throws you out of comfort.

Now it’s time to plan your trip and your culinary adventure. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and someplace to eat in Bali. It’s all up to you to wine, dine and be merry!

If the food in this article catches your attention and it’s something you dream about being able to walk out and eat any day then why not get in touch, we specialise in locating people and helping them find the dream accommodation for their dream of living or visiting Bali.


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