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There are so many positive reasons for making the move and retiring in Bali. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons to retire in Bali (well, 11 actually, I snuck another one in) and why Bali may be just the place for you.

1. Climate

Are you a sun-loving, great weather kind of a person? If so then Bali is the place to be and one of the major reasons to retire in Bali. It is like living in an endless summer. Even when it is the rainy season the rain tends to be just a quick daily downpour in the afternoons, with the rest of the day being bright.

10 reasons to retire in Bali

If you prefer things slightly cooler then moving away from the beaches and into the hills to areas such as Ubud will give you tropical views over rice fields and cooling breezes.

Climate has to be my top recommendation when it comes to reasons to retire in Bali.

2. Geographical location

Bali is well connected when it comes to travel, boasting an award-winning international airport which serves the island.

If you’re from Australia then Bali is just a short flight back to visit friends or relatives. Flights are reasonably priced and frequent making it affordable for you to travel, or for people to visit you in Bali.

Bali is also perfectly located in terms of other Asian destinations. How about a weekend shopping or sightseeing in Singapore? Perfectly practical with a flight time of only just over 2 hours. Manilla, Kuala Lumpur, all within easy reach.  

Even Europe and America are not so far, with frequent flights available.

3. Affordability

Another one of the top reasons to retire in Bali is your cash. Your money will go a long way in Bali. Food and entertainment are cheap, and property can be found at very competitive prices. That dream villa could be yours for a lot less than you might first think.

4. Amazing food.

Balinese food is spicy and delicious, my personal favourite being babi guling, which is a traditional roast pig dish served with rice and Balinese sambal (spices). Delicious.

But your food choices are not limited to just one cuisine. You can get any international dish on the island and food can range from the humblest tasty street food to the top end of fine dining.

5. Community.

A lot of people have already made the move to Bali and if you’re worried you may feel a little isolated then worry not. People from all over the world call Bali their home and there are many opportunities to mix and talk with people from all corners of the globe.

Numerous groups, societies and clubs exist in Bali and people in the expat community are very friendly. Don’t be surprised if a casual chat on the beach turns into a lasting friendship.

6. The people of Bali

The Balinese are welcoming, warm and kind. In fact, the word the Balinese use to describe people who are originally from outside Bali is bule, which translated means guest.

7. Things to do

live in bali

You will never be short of things to do in Bali. If you love nature then the ocean in on your doorstep for fishing and snorkelling, or if you want to walk or cycle in the hills and rice fields there are many places to get off the beaten track and into the great outdoors.

Bars and restaurants for fine dining, malls and boutique shops for retail, crafts, sightseeing, you will never tire of things to do.

If you’d like to know more then have a look at our article, 10 things to do in Bali, to get a real feel for what is on offer.

8. Easy visas

Getting the right visa is a simple process which is hassle-free. To qualify for a retirement visa, you must be at least 55 years old of age; have proof of health and life insurance, proof of pension—a minimum of roughly $1,500 per month, or at least a lump sum of roughly $18,000 to provide living expenses while in Bali; proof of a rental agreement with the cost set at over $380 a month; a letter stating you agree to employ one Indonesian while you live there, this could be an assistant or a household worker such as pembantu (helper), gardener, a C.V; and a statement agreeing that you won’t work while in Bali.

These rules and regulations can change so be sure to check for updates and additions.

It makes things even easier if you decide to work with a visa agent who will help out with the necessary paperwork for you, we would be more than happy to put you in touch with a good agent if needed.

9. Never far from loved ones.

You may have heard the internet is not up to par in Bali, and while that may have been true a few years ago Bali now has a modern, fast and efficient internet service. You can video call with loved ones easily and access all of the services you may be used to using outside of Bali.

10. Massage

If you are a fan of massages then you’ll love having easy access to cheap massage services. There are many massage places available wherever you are in Bali, or you can call in to have someone come to your villa.

11. It’s easy to communicate.

English is commonly spoken in Bali, which makes living here easy. If you do have an ear for language then Bahasa is also a relatively easy language to pickup

Thanks for reading our top 10 reasons to retire in Bali.

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