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Bali is packed with things to see and do and in this article, I’ll run through 10 of my favourite places to visit. No list of things to do in Bali will ever be able to capture everything, but for me, these are the 10 that come to mind. So, let’s go…

Water sports



If you love the water you’re going to love Bali. Access to the water is never more than an hour away, usually, only a matter of minutes depending on where you choose to live.

Bali is in the coral triangle, and it’s said that the biodiversity on the reefs surrounding the island is wider and more varied than the great barrier reef.

Having done a lot of diving in my time I can tell you it is stunning. But you don’t have to be a scuba diver to experience the amazing underwater display. Renting a glass-bottom boat or snorkelling gets you easy access to the stunning natural display.

There’s also kite surfing, surfing, paddleboarding, swimming or just playing about in the waves, the list goes on. If you can think of an aquatic activity, then Bali has it.

Botanic gardens


A day spent at the botanic gardens is always a lovely day out, and a great way to escape the heat if you’re looking for somewhere a little cooler to go in the day.

Take a packed lunch, and after strolling around enjoy an hour or two relaxing on the manicured lawns and taking it easy.

Bali Safari


Located near Giyanyar Bali Safari is most definitely worth a whole day out.

Get there around 9.00 am and you are transported through the park one show at a time. Hear about the Sumatran tigers, learn about the animals of Bali, see a bird show. The pace is gentle and the shows exceptional fun and educational.

There’s plent to see outside of the scheduled shows. A petting zoo, feed the crocodiles and the safari itself where you are driven around the park and get to see giraffe, lion, zebra and a host of other animals. (Don’t forget to go ahhhhhhh when the bus goes over the bridges, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you go….)

Food is varied and great value with a large food court catering to all different tastes.

one of may favourite things to do in Bali as it is so acessible (and such great value) A wonderful day out not just for the adults but the kids as well.

Big Garden Corner


Located 5 minutes drive North of Sanur Big Garden Corner is a bit of a ‘hidden’ gem.

Stroll around the grounds and see the different sculptures and features on display.

Few a few extra rupiah spend some time in the kids areas where they have both outside water activities and an inside playground.

The water area is a large, shallow (no deeper than mid-leg in depth) swimming pool area with fountains, water guns and a giant tipping bucket. Get soaked and have a great laugh…

The indoor playspace has a climbing area and ball pit for the kids to race around and tire themselves out.

Keramas Aero Park


Great value food, and a great venue. Have dinner in a converted airliner, or dine at tables and stare at the thing, it’s cool…



No list would be in any way decent without mention of the temples in Bali.

There are temples literally everywhere, for example, did you know that every Balinese household has a temple in their grounds?

There are also the public temples too of course, and visitors are more than welcome.

Visit Tirta Empul and bathe in the holy waters, or experience the Kecak dance and the blazing sunsets at Uluwatu temple.



For the more adventurous you can take a paragliding trip over the cliffs of Nusa Dua. Soar like a bird and experience the stunning views from up on high.

Seafood in Jimbaran bay.


Along the bay, there are numerous seafood restaurants with seating right on the beach where you can dine and experience the stunning world-famous Bali sunsets. Delicious food for the soul.



Seminyak / Kuta are in amongst the clubbing capitals of the world, with the biggest names often playing to packed crowds.

The DJ scene is strong in Bali, and many beach clubs have resident DJs who will groove the tropical nights away under the stars and overlooking the ocean.

Mind / Body / Spirit


things to do in Bali


Bali is home to many healers both traditional and alternative. Ubud is the epicentre of this activity where you can take yoga classes and lessons, do breathwork and experience all the transformative activities and classes that are on offer.

There are also many retreats you can join, one I can highly recommend is a 10-day NLP retreat at Vision Villas. Learn how your brain ticks, how to b in charge of your emotional state and how to ffectivly communicate with passion and authenticity.

BONUS – touring


Getting around Bali Is easy. Either rent a scooter or hire a driver for the day. A driver will often help recommend the sites to see and act as a tour guide as well, all as a part of the service.

If you need a little help finding someone to guide you around and give you suggestions for things to do in Bali on your tour then get In touch and let us help arrange a driver for you…

Summary – 10 things to do in Bali.

As you can see there is so much to see and do in Bali, and any list will only ever be able to scratch the surface of what is on offer on this remarkable island.

If you are looking for some inspiration when it comes to taking the kids out for the day then you can have a look at our article 10 places to take the kids in Bali

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