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Let’s face it, no matter where you are in the world, Bali remains to be a dream destination for many worldwide, and investing in property in Bali could be your way of getting to live that dream. 

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Living and investing in Bali

While you live a comfortable life in this beautiful paradise, there are ways to grow your wealth through investments and property investments are one excellent choice. While enjoying the warm and sunny weather all-year round, views of rice paddies, mountains and beaches, you get to invest in Bali and have a business and a place to call your home. 

We know that property investment is not the same as going on a holiday, it’s a tough decision and you need someone you can trust to help you with it. being in the real estate industry in Bali I appreciate it can feel like a confusing process at times, especially for foreigners, but it is worthwhile, given the high returns of passive income that you can turn into your own home at any given time. The point is having the right guide to make a smart decision. 

If you’re not convinced yet the Bali should be your next property investment, here’s 5 reasons you should invest in Bali.

It’s one of the top destinations to visit in the world

Bali remains on top of the list for travellers to visit and there’s a reason why. It’s a place where you’ll find everything: volcanoes, Komodo dragons, elephants, not to mention vast lands of rice paddies, restaurants, bars and hotels with spectacular sea and mountain views. 

There’s always something to do and places to go, and for that it a must-visit destination, together on the list with places like Paris or Rome. 

Imagine if you can have your own place right here? Business and pleasure in one.

investing in property in Bali
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It is proven that real estate is an investment that gets stronger with time.

It can be complicated dealing with the legal aspects of investment, especially in a foreign country, which is why most choose a long-term rental home instead of buying one. Some people opt for yearly rentals or even five-year lock-in rentals, and this can be beneficial to homeowners on the island. 

Not only that but with time, property value on the island appreciates. Business-minded individuals and holiday seekers who took the plunge and invested in real estate here have seen huge revenue returns. Property purchases are currently rented out and continue to accumulate profits on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The real estate market in Bali is stable with a good return of investment.

Bali offers great potential, whether you decide to invest in busy locations like Seminyak, or a more tranquil spot in East Bali like Amed or Singaraja. The most important aspect in real estate investment in Bali is finding the right spot, and the right partner. If you find a place in a touristic area, you’ll get your return in less than 5 years. If you want something more tranquil and residential, this is not a problem either. 

People who stay long-term on the island tend to call Bali their home, and so, there’s still a market for residential areas on the island. 

With the help of an expert in real estate that’s based in Bali, you’ll be sure of a good investment.

Costs are relatively affordable compared to other countries, and other touristic spots.

As long as you have a reasonable amount to invest you can afford a luxurious lifestyle and great property investments, a major factor when considering investing in property in Bali as opposed to other places in the world..

Land and property value is generally more affordable in Bali than in other paradise islands worldwide. You can get more value with each dollar, and therefore, you’ll be able to invest more.

This investment can help you achieve financial security in the future and can help your wealth grow. Real estate investment is one that you can physically see, feel and own.


Laws and regulations in Indonesia are generally more stable and are friendly to businessmen

The Indonesian government has made it quite easy for foreigners to make investment locally, as they are aware that this is an economic driver that in turn helps the country, and It’s become easier for foreign ownership of businesses in Indonesia in recent years. There are different ways to do this, and you will need the help of an expert.

Conclusion – 5 reasons for investing in property in Bali

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, if you have a dream to live in paradise, and even if you have just a little bit of money saved up, that can go a long way if you are in Bali. 

According to the industrialist Andrew Carnegie, 90 percent of millionaires becoming so by owning real estate, an opinion that holds true right up to today. Dream big, and dream in paradise. Get out of your comfort zone and find these five reasons why you should own a villa Bali.

If you’d like to know more about investing in Bali then get in touch, it would be great tp talk with you.

Alternativly have a look at what’s on the market right now in our property listsings section and find the opportunity that’s right for you.

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